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We help SME businesses develop, market and sell themselves. Domestically! Internationally!

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Small Medium sized Enterprises

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A company can not survive without sales and profits

Ron Kaufman is known for saying “Your profit reflects the success of your customers“. No matter your intent, goal and desires, once you set out to commercially offer services and products in a professional setting, you need sales and profits. How do you do this?

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PAC, Marguerite Vibys Plads 6, 2000 Frederiksberg Denmark

(45) 2311 8887

Business Development

With you, we plan and implement the path to growth for you and your business. Failing to plan is planning to fail. It all starts here. But unlike most, we keep this very simple, to the point and actionable. Nothing elaborate. Focus and action is key with any biz. dev. initiative and intent


We coach and train your existing team to be exceptional, to do better. We do not run the synergetic cliche that 1+1 = 2. This you see in most trainings. No. We focus on building every individual with the right tools and to max potential. Then we set the team with the right players, balanced with each their valuable skills. Then we train the team.

You have no team? No resources. Well then we do this for you!

Getting the business

With the right plan and the right skills sets, we mentor you to get real business. Get in front of customers that are right for you! Pitch your exclusive, unquestionable value. Contract key deals. Get the invoices produced and grow your business to the max. Reach your goals. You have no one to do this? Use a PAC interim sales person / manager / director/ VP even if just for a short period. We also have marketeers and business developers for your short term disposal. And our focus? Domestic and International. Get in front of the world. We’ll help you.


Are you are the bring of going outside your comfort so, your domestic market. Not quite sure how to. Reach out and we can assist. We have more than 600 years of combined experience with international business, from FOB shipment of a product to establishing a regional operation on a continent, we currently have presence in at least 13 countries but operate in a lot more though our network of more than 40,000 people across the world.

Global / Local

Extending your business outside your domestic market is about global reach and local knowledge. We are different than most given our extensive global network yet strong local market and business knowledge. Whether you need to find a distributor in Hong Kong or a suitable first clients in Portugal, you come to us. You need to assess your business potential in Jakarta or how to set up a branch operation in Washington DC, just let us know.


Nothing beats competence. We know and this is what we focus on. Each ressource at PAC is carefully selected for his or her competence and experience in a given geography, across business verticals and against our listing of so far 98 different business competencies. Why? Because we must add value to you and the only way to do this is to be competent – locally, regionally, globally.