is short for Business as a Service and is provided by PAC Denmark an autumn 2022 upstart company focused to assist in particular SMEs (known as SMBs in the US) with business development, marketing, sales and go to market actions. Our primary service focus is on Internationalization.

Far too many upstart operations, smaller companies, SMEs etc. with great ideas, full of charisma, energy, drive and a desire to make a difference, are challenged or even fail when they venture into sales & marketing. Not from lack of desire, typically, or effort, but from lack of knowledge, focus and resource. We change this. We focus on getting your products and services, to market. At the right time, in the right area and in front of the right people. In short our mission provides:

!Reach !Coverage !Value

– at lower cost

You’ve probably heard of the 5 Ps of Marketing. We’ll we do 7P’s.

We’ve started as a single person operation under the helm of Per Arild, a senior executive and business veteran. Per has worked in and travelled across the world since 1984 and has held prestigious positions with companies such as Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag, Hewlett-Packard, Fuji Film, EAC, Glunz & Jensen and others and brings competence in the fields of Business Development, IT management, Product Management, Sales & Marketing, Coaching, Leadership and Finance. In short, complete enterprise support. Next to practical experience and ability, Per carries an Executive Master of Business Administration from SUNY – State University of New York.

Per founded PAC with HQ in Denmark and is on a strong growth trajectory. PAC is now present in 13 counties on 5 continents and we are able to provide a range of servcies in all of these. We grow strong and fast and expect to have a true global reach by the summer of 2023.

Do check back often for employment opportunities if you wish to be part of a fast track, agile, fun, cool and very motivating operation & team. Not 2 days are alike – guaranteed. And this really drives us.

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Office: (45) 2311 8887


Marguerite Vibys Plads 6
2000 Frederiksbergs, Denmark