Business as a Service – BAAS

is the essence of all what we do. We help companies sell! Create a real business. We provide ANY support element to help you improve sales, marketing and business development. In the following is just a snippet of what this may include. By no means is the listing exhaustive and it’s also in no particular order.

  1. Create an efficient, implementable strategy or business plan for your business
  2. We show you how to put an offer together, one that gets accepted.
  3. We analyze segments, markets, customer types for products or services offered
  4. We show you how to make a launch campaign.
  5. Or we make a launch campaign for you.
  6. We drive funnel growth (the customers you have identified as real potentials)
  7. We structure your go to market approach
  8. We find new markets, segments, relevant geographies
  9. And then we analyze the immediate competitive landscape
  10. We help you improve your market share, or get you one if have none.
  11. But equally important we help you improve your share of wallet
  12. To do all this we establish a working SWOT analysis
  13. And we figure out your value proposition and how to deliver it
  14. In the process we get to know why you have failed, what goes wrong?
  15. And your team gets trained to focus on selling efficiently
  16. Where needed we coach your own staff to improve
  17. And train your staff to also use the right tolls and the right (the working) sales approach.
  18. Our our team we have experts in SoMe campaigning. The make this for you.
  19. And we teach you exactly how to negotiate effectively and always have a BATNA
  20. If you want us to we build your web presence
  21. And set you ready on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok etc. But not Facebook!
  22. We show you how to leveraging networks
  23. And of course teach you exactly how to enter new markets – efficiently

and so much more.

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